Welcome to Christ's Chapel.  We're a ministry located in a country chapel built almost 100 years ago. Our congregation is non-denominational, clearly Christian, and looking forward to a faithful, Bible oriented ministry. We emphasize the power of prayer and the healing God provides for each of His believers. We stand together with, and for, each other as brothers and sisters in faith. Our families matter, our community is important and our faith leads our lives. Drive by on a Sunday morning at 10:30 and see what we're about! 

Did You Know? How much do you know about your Chapel?

Did you know that the chapel has a Memorial Gifts account for those wishing to honor a loved one who has died.  The monies being collected will be used for repairs to the chapel.

Did you know that the angel outside the chapel has a name?  Her name is Johanna, and she is the angel of joy and healing.

Did you know that the name Christ's Chapel was not the original name that the Esmark's were going to give the chapel.  Do you know what it was?  We would love to have your guesses.